I have linux mint 6, how do i upgrade to linux mint 7?

Answer To be absolutely honest there is little or nothing to gain besides Linux Mint 6 is super stable and is the only primary distro. I run along side Ubuntu 9.04If you still wish to go ahead (and its no... Read More »

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Does synergy work on linux mint( i wana connect my vista labtop with my linux mint labtop)?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Synergy HowTo Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)…LUg.

Should I download Mint Linux or Zorin Linux?

The easy way would be to try both by using the live cd, that way you can try without loading them on to the hard disc, after a while you can decide which one you prefer then simply install, to do t... Read More »

Linux mint is there a msn thingy for linux that is better than pidgin?

Here is the Official Ubuntu aMSN Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint) Messenger Homepage Mint 7 User Guide Read More »

What Is Linux Mint?

Linux®, like other operating systems, has different versions available, including Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a version of Linux® that strives to become easy to use for the average person. Unlike oth... Read More »