I have lost all my friends profile pictures on facebook, how do I get them back?

Answer I my self do not have face book but I would speak to my niece's/nephews as the young people are often the ones who know how to do this sort of thing, or perhaps you might have a friend with teenagers?

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Question about accepting friends on Facebook - can a friend limit how much of their profile friends see?

Yep, you can put any person (or any group of people) under certain restrictions on Facebook. I should imagine its not very nice being on the receiving end of it but I certainly have some people on ... Read More »

Are the six friends who show up on your Facebook profile the ones who view your profile the most?

On myspace is there way to get your friends pictures onto profile page.?

Yea u go to thier myspce page= right click and save on the pic u want, then upload it to ur profile.

Is it vain to like pictures of yourself and have 503 tagged pictures of you and friends on facebook?

dont feel vain, facebook is to share pictures and a lot of people have that many and more tagged!