I have lost everything, what do I do?

Answer It sounds like your profile was deleted, this will "clean" your user name of all files and settings. I assume you have done a simple search for a known file name of your course work folder to make ... Read More »

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Lost Password And Everything........Help?

You can register a new account, then contact the Administrator and explain this. It worked for me.

If have a house fire, but have home insurance.what amount do most people have to pay to repair everything?

In general, if you have the proper type policy you'll be paying whatever your deductible is (or your excess as it's called on your side of the pond) and the insurance company will pay the rest. If ... Read More »

My computer went bonkers and lost everything!!!! any ideas to get any of it back?

It's probably your hard-drive. If you don't know much about a computer I suggest you get a professional to replace it.Before you do that though you can try doing a system restore. On startup hit F1... Read More »

Help, I lost everything on macbook pro trying to bootcamp and install windows 7!?

I'm assuming from your panic that you don't have a backup. If you do the process is simpler.Without a backup you need to not use the computer until you can get the data off it. Don't panic. Be p... Read More »