I have my pc and laptop connected to a router to split the internet connecton..?

Answer Quick and easy, you could use VNC? more for controlling a computer remotely, but you can use it to watch (if you're careful).I don't know of any free monitoring software t... Read More »

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Does internet improve if a laptop is connected to modem/router with an ethernet cable?

Wired is more stable than wireless. Wireless connections are subject to all sorts of interference (wifi and cordless phones operate on the same carrier frequency), and the more users you have usin... Read More »

My new laptop connected fine to my internet, today I have limited connectivity?

Mine did that last week. All I did was to switch off, wait 5 mins, re-boot and it was fine.

I have a laptop which is connected to my dads wireless internet. he said he can see all the sites i view..?

Because you use his wireless he can check the routers database for sites viewed on that comp. You have to get into his router set up. Or just find the button on the back of the routter and press it... Read More »

Router is plugged in but not connected to internet ?

is your modem also plugged in, if so, then you have to contact your isp. as you are not getting a signal from your internet provider. or turn off modem and router, power on modem then router, an i... Read More »