I have never had and never want a facebook account, how can I get them to leave me alone forever?

Answer block/report as spam you can just sign up, and turn off all the email alerts. You will NEVER see a facebook email if you turn everything off. What you mentioned is probably a mark... Read More »

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I have a problem-i have never been on a date and never asked anyone on one. And if someone asks me i stutter?

The problem is a 'date' creates an artificial situation and puts the most pressure on both people. Therefore you will find it difficult to relax and be yourself, and your stutter is a result.Its be... Read More »

Never had a water bill, will I never have to pay it?

When they find out their mistake they will back-bill you for all you owe. They will have it in print somewhere on their company policy. They will pay you back if you are over-billed and vice vers... Read More »

I want to fit safety Air Bags to a Mk1 MR2, a car that never had them as standard, can anyone help?

I would guess that your best bet would be to find a Mk2 MR2 with a complete airbag system and get that. Study how it was installed and do your best to copy that in your car. This would have a goo... Read More »

Why are women able to have a multiple orgasm, if most of them will never have one?

It is all in the head. If they have a good head they will have a much better chance at it.