I have never had and never want a facebook account, how can I get them to leave me alone forever?

Answer block/report as spam you can just sign up, and turn off all the email alerts. You will NEVER see a facebook email if you turn everything off. What you mentioned is probably a mark... Read More »

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I am forever shutting down my computer , is it better to leave it on standby .?

Standby mode actually saves electricity and will prolong the life of your computer. This is achieved by going to shut down your computer except clicking Stand by instead of Shut down. If you mean j... Read More »

Is it possible to deactivate your facebook forever?

Once you deactivate your account, then you're invisible to everyone including your friends...there isn't a way to deactivate your account forever, If you deactivate it, then stay away from it.

Do you think Facebook will be the top networking site forever now?

I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, so something would have to have a pretty huge gimmick for me to be bothered to change and persuade all my friends to change. Or Facebook would have to... Read More »

My fiancé has found out I have a Facebook account he wasn't aware of. I use that account to chat to other guys?

Why are you asking such a question when you already know the answer ?!! Would you have stayed with him if it was him who talked to dirty girls behind your back ?!