I have over 1000 songs on my pc and want them transfered to my laptop. How can i do this?

Answer copy them into a file then email them to your laptop

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Im looking to buy a laptop (for under a £1000).?

I recommend a Lenovo to anyone. They last forever (I've got two from 1998 or earlier) and you can get an IdeaPad notebook that's got amazing specs for under $1000US (I'm not sure what they cost in ... Read More »

Best laptop under £1000?

On, this is probably the best I would reccommend for you…Its got an HD screen, 1GB Graphics, A Great Processor at 2.00GHz i7 or 2.9GHz ... Read More »

If you had £1000 to buy a Laptop what would you go for?

a bit over the £1000 but this would be my choice…

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Have a look here. These are all the latest makes, reviews, specs and prices. most hard gamers go for tower PCs because theyare far easier to upgrade and a lot cheap... Read More »