I have recieved an email and also a message on Facebook that says?

Answer Lulzsec is a company/website which hacked the CIA and PlayStation 3 network. They are good at what they do so I'm not too sure if the threat is genuine but just in case, you should consider changin... Read More »

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How can I stop Facebook sending me email notifications when I get a message on Facebook?

when you say yes to a application you get the option of the emails or not! You obviously don't uncheck the notification box. Just go into application settings and change it!

Email-Facebook message/coversation?

Get them to block you and make a new account to add them again.

I have replied to a facebook message by email will it go into their inbox?

Yes because u send it to thier Facebook not email

Has anyone else recieved this message Boots Job Application!?

everyone recieves that message - it is sent to you so you have confirmation that Boots has recieved your application. Whatever job you apply for at Boots - you get that messge (although it says wha... Read More »