I have somehow connected to a website which appears everytime I log on to my banking icon?

Answer I was instantly horrified when I saw your question. I hope you didn't respond to an email "from your bank". There are many schemes out there to get you to reveal your login/password, one of which i... Read More »

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Everytime I log onto Facebook, a pop up error appears and closes all my open windows.?

viruses from other people online that why i am not on facebook it tor up me last computer

Computer appears to be connected to Internet?

Before you go too far, particularly if you are using Tiscali equipment, phone their help desk. They can check if your connection is actually live, and give some diagnosis help. In my experience the... Read More »

BBC NEWS Website does not have share to Facebook Icon?

I just looked on BBC news website - there is a FB share icon on the page for each individual news story - please see examples below

I have a picture of an old battleship which appears to read H.M.S. Barquevane?

Is this name (what you are reading) painted on the bow or stern, or is it a caption written under the picture. This might be a description of a type of ship, For instance does it have mast li... Read More »