I have to press shift and 2 to get a @, How do I change it back to pressing shift and the proper @ button?

Answer Click on the Start button (bottom left of your desktop)Click on Control Panel, and then double click on the Regional and Language Options icon. (You may need to change to Classic View to see this ... Read More »

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Why is it that when I press the number 2 button down (with shift), the speech marks don't come up but the '@'?

Keyboad settings are for American keyboardChange them in "control panel" keyboard.l=== === ====== ===== === ===l.I am Oops [3] Muslim with sticksand have been suspended againl=== === ====== ===== =... Read More »

When i press the shift + @ it comes up as " so how do get it back to how it was?

Your UK keyboard is set to USA, thats all.Start / control panel / regional and language settings, and change all you see to UK.Assuming XP. Vista is not so different

I have been in day shift for about 12 years, can my job change my hours to the graveyard shift?

Ask ACAS.…

How can one tell the difference between a gravitational red shift of light and a red shift caused by motion Could the red shift of quasars be from gravity and not speed, therefore making the quasars closer than we think they are - FG?

At astronomical distances, there is no way to tell the difference between the two red shifts. An object that is deep in the gravitational potential well of a very massive object experiences time sl... Read More »