I just love boats how big is yours and i love watersports to?

Answer I have a 30 foot, aluminium, narrow beam, canal boat called a "Sea Otter".

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I love England, I love the freedom!! Why do you love Great Britain?

I don't know why but I am proud to be British. Perhaps it's our history and our Military.

I would love to buy a small 2/3 berth boat trouble is I know nothing about boats can you help?

I don't agree that it's difficult to learn how to sail. You don't need classes, you can learn hands-on.If you are thinking about buying a used boat, then you should have the boat professionally ex... Read More »

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Is it true you can't love cars unless you've made love in a car?

WOW! all these answers and only one person realised that it was a Noel Edmonds quote, and it was on the Yahoo page yesterday.