I keep being disconnected from my Broadband connection?

Answer And......What kind of question is that, dumbass!

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Why Do i Keep Getting Disconnected From My Router?

I had an issue similar to this that was caused by a battery back up I had between my router and modem. When it did a self check it would break the connection to the router and take everything down... Read More »

Why do I keep getting broadband connection problems?

It's strange. I've had the problem on Internet Explorer as well as Chrome. You should try to disable Java and all add ons to see if it helps. Also, open and run command and type in 'flushdns'. Dele... Read More »

My broadband keeps getting disconnected when phone rings?

I think you have to go back to basics with this.1) Ensure all sockets have working ADSL microfilters attached to them.2) Get the ADSL router online and working3) Ring the line - do you get disconne... Read More »

Survey: Broadband customers, how many times a month do you get disconnected, and which provider are you with?

I've been with Tiscali since April 08 and have never been disconnected.