I know somebody is abusing ebay chatboards, what should I do?

Answer A lot of Forums have this problem.Little "Hitlers" as moderators. Unfortunately, it's a responsibility that seems to attract the type.

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Would you grass on someone abusing the internet at work?

No I wouldn't if my job was as boring as yours. Does no-one expect anything of you? What about your boss - does he or she never check that you are fulfilling your job description, let alone your ... Read More »

How do you increase sales on ebay (of a single item) and where can it be sold easily besides ebay?

Hi,the best way to get more people to visit you auction is to have ebay feature your item. All depends on the value though. You can use the second chance feature so you sell two of the same for eac... Read More »

I bought an item from ebay and it didn't arrive. The person has deleted thier ebay account so what can i do?

depends how you card, your card company will reimburse you.paypal.......ebay will fight for you, but they will ask you to try and resolve it with the buyer yourself, before they ste... Read More »

Can I buy stuff cheap on ebay, then re-sell it on ebay again for a higher price?

You could but there is hardly no profit. Look into China or maybe even the manufactures themselves.