I know somebody is abusing ebay chatboards, what should I do?

Answer A lot of Forums have this problem.Little "Hitlers" as moderators. Unfortunately, it's a responsibility that seems to attract the type.

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How long should you know somebody before you add them on Facebook?

its all up to you you can add whoever you want whenever if you dont wanna come on too strong dont add the person right away wait a couple days its honestly your preference though

What can somebody know or find out from my IP address?

Absolutely nothing whatsoever! Only your ISP actually knows where you live and that information is protected by the UK Data Protection Act of 1998.Even these programs that trace IP addresses can be... Read More »

How do I post somebody else's items on eBay?

The first question I would ask is - why is he not doing this himself? If something were to go wrong, who is the fall guy - you or him? I would be very wary!

Somebody sent me a pic on MySpace but it won't let me see what should I do?

Another strong possibility is that is was improperly formatted, and this can sometimes cause an issue when sending images through the messaging system on MySpace. The person that sent it, may have ... Read More »