I like this boy help!!! + good facebook profile pic help?

Answer You can take a picture of the front of your face, that way it won't make your nose look as long. Pose in front of a mirror until you find a angle that doesn't make your nose look so big, then hold ... Read More »

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How can I delete my Facebook profile for good?

If you don't think you'll use Facebook again, you can request to have your account permanently deleted. Please keep in mind that you won't be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the ... Read More »

How to get a good Profile Picture for Facebook!?

use the web-cam toy appAll you do is type in web-cam toy into the Facebook search box and it will come up with itClick on it a click visit sightIt gives you as many affects as possible and you'll n... Read More »

How do girls always take them really good profile pictures of them self for facebook?

someone else takes them?they're using a laptop with a cam?

Facebook friend list under profile picture are the people who view your profile most?

I believe the few people who pop-up as a preview of your friends when you open up your profile are the profiles YOU view the most/a lot. This is what I have seemed to observe when I look at my prof... Read More »