I live in a caravan and wonder if I can connect to the internet using trees?

Answer Only if the trailer is in WASHINGTON STATE where I believe the native had a real phone exchange going in the nineteenth century.

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Is it possible to connect to xbox live through my laptops wireless internet conection?

Maybe you can try connecting the Xbox to your laptop via ad-hoc wireless connection. Its free and you don't need to burn $60 bucks on a wifi adapter.instructions after the jump: Read More »

Were can u live in a do u go about it?

As the other guy say`s...just call yourself a "traveller", even if you never move your caravan again like most of the pikeys seem to do . Don't pay anything like council tax ,income tax, road tax o... Read More »

Would you live in a caravan to save money?

This brings back some major memories. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted a place of our own after being together for 5 years. So we put an ad in the paper looking for land within a certain pric... Read More »

How to live temporarily in a caravan as a medic?

Usually you will not be able to park up your caravan at any place other than a registered site. You will pay a fee but should be able to connect to an external power feed, which you will also pay f... Read More »