I live in a large attic room and it is freezing cold in winter, is there a legal min temp for sleeping room?

Answer First of all, why not just mention this to the LL? One thing to remember is most Landlords are just normal people. He isn't a psychic, so you need to tell him and give him a chance to address the... Read More »

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Why is it that when I am in my dorm room with my window open and the door closed, there isn't a change in temperature and no wind comes in or blows around. But if I open the door, the room becomes cold and wind is felt throughout the room?

When the wind blows into your room, it comes to a stop and experiences a rise in pressure. This is an consequence of Bernoulli's equation, which recognizes that energy is conserved and that in a fl... Read More »

Is it legal for a landlord to have a room key (if im renting just a room) ?

Tips for freezing cold winter riding?

I know how you feel!I usually wear LOADS of layers, including some kind of thick gilet or waistcoat. Musto have very good, high tech stuff which will keep you as snug as a bug, but it's pretty expe... Read More »

How to Create an Attic Room?

Your attic, at this point in time, might be primarily used as a storage area. However, with the right planning and some effort on your part, you can turn that draughty storage area into a room that... Read More »