I live in another European country and have a UK HGV 1 licence that I need a medical & renew. Can I have sen?

Answer If you have a UK HGV licence, it will have an address on it, which must by law be your address, and in the UK. If you no longer live at that address, your licence is no longer valid.You need to exc... Read More »

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If I have a U.S bank account but live and pay taxes in the UK do I need to pay another tax to USA?

I take it you are a UK citizen? Your post leads me to think you are.If so, your income is UK-sourced and taxed by the UK. Just ensure that you open your USA bank account as non-interest bearing a... Read More »

If you live in a country that youtube blocked videos , how have you handled it?

try using web proxy like thishttp://www.clubmyspace.infohttp://www.themmonation.cnWOrking very good for meFound From Here…

I have to renew my driving licence?

Take a photocopy of your original licence and renew it at the post office.

Do I have to renew my old driving licence for a new plastic one?

In the Uk it is still not essential to renew unless you are going by a different name or address or your current licence has expired then by law you must let the DVLA know and this means applying f... Read More »