I looked at this guys facebook - Now i have a friend request, wtf Coincidence or...?

Answer Is he hot? If so, I'd take it as a sign from the gods that you're meant to be together...

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I sent a facebook friend request to a friend she accepted but she dosen't appear on my friends list help me?

There are reasons that she doesn't appear on your friend list:-This takes Facebook some time to add her to your list. This is not a glitch.-She rejects your request.-Her account is deleted.Hope th... Read More »

Did my friend ignore or cancel my friend request on facebook?

if it says friend request pending that means the person has not yet seen or responded to the request. some people don't go on facebook 5 times a day, or even every day for that matter. don't stre... Read More »

How do you know that someone has ignored your friend request on facebook?

You can't see, but if you try to friend them again, it will tell you that there is already a request pending. Also, you know they confirm if you get an email that says they confirmed your request. ... Read More »

Facebook Friend Request gone?

Probably whoever sent you that request cancelled it... maybe because you didn't accepted it shortly.