I need Help with skype!?

Answer Both of you have to be on line to do it.So when she sends it to you [depending on how you have got it set up] you get a pop up notice in the Task Bar. If you accept straight away she also gets an i... Read More »

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Why won't skype downloadI have a dell mini 10v using ubuntu 8.04 and when I try to install the skype it fails?

try the synaptic package manager in system / admin / synaptic package manager, insert password and when it loads type skype in the search box, just tick the skype package ( you dont ne... Read More »

Skype Users:How can I cancel my Skype account?

How to cancel your account? Simply by stop using it.There is not a paid subscription so there is no need to cancel/deactivate, just remove any personal info and abandon it.

Skype to Skype Internationals calls?

Any Skype to Skype Call is free.If you are connected to WIFI then this will go out via the internet WIFIIf you are connected to 3/4g then this will come of your mobile internet usage which you coul... Read More »

What is skype how to communicate through skype?

it's another instant messenger software, but it also allows calls to landlines or mobiles. simply download it from, install it, click on "Add" button and find friends!