I need a good downloader or add on to record live streams, please help, need it for tomorrow?

Answer There are many screen recording software to record live videos. You can search them and choose a better one. I know Camtasia, one of the most powerful software but cost much. Then the Camstudio, fr... Read More »

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Please help.. Need my audio code for my car, y reg ford focus M062522.. Please someone help me, I need music!x?

Hi its 4617 :-)Why do people duplicate my answers ?

I have an interview for bt/manpower tomorrow and I really need help with these interview questions please! (uk?

Hi Jean,First of all, you're going to do great in your interview because the only one who can answer these questions the best is you! So know that you are coming into this interview as a person wh... Read More »

I need help because of facebook my life is at risk please help i need info?

Report this person; to Facebook, to the Police, and notify your community that it is NOT you who is making these hateful posts and that it is a 'stranger' that is. It might be one of your friends..... Read More »

I need a good idea for youtube channel please help ?

Make videos commentating games, ranting, skits with friends, stunts, anything you want really.I hope this helps :D