I need a good downloader or add on to record live streams, please help, need it for tomorrow?

Answer There are many screen recording software to record live videos. You can search them and choose a better one. I know Camtasia, one of the most powerful software but cost much. Then the Camstudio, fr... Read More »

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Is there a way to stop live streams from constant buffering?

The buffering is simply caused by the PC playing the stream faster than the service can provide it. This is because your data transfer rate is too slow, or the bandwidth is being used by more than ... Read More »

Is it good to use youtube downloader?

It is OK. RealPlayer installs an add-on for Firefox, which gives me a button at the top of the video that lets me easily download it, even when it's from somewhere other than You Tube.

Can someone suggest me a good Youtube downloader for Android?

How much fps shall i record withIs my computer good enough to record?

The CPU is fine , RAM is fine. What kind of video card does the computer have? It could have the crappy Intel on-die GPU, which probably would suck for what you're trying to do. The Geforce GT 53... Read More »