I need advice on getting a new PC...?

Answer All-in-ones take less space and can look better than a traditional separete component based system. Most also feature things like touch screens and TV tuners.The disadvantage of having all the comp... Read More »

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Need advice getting old and cant decide what to do with life.?

My daughter is 30 years old, married with 2 kids and is waiting to see if she has been accepted for a nursing degree, she is currently a senior carer working night shift and if she can do it with 2... Read More »

Getting a 125cc moped/scooter soon and need advice on a helmet for it.?

PoppyI hate to dampen anyone's enthusiasm for motorcycling but - Direct Bikes are again advertising 125cc motorcycles as 'mopeds'. It is a distinction in law but a very important distinction. If... Read More »

I am 16 and need some help/advice on getting my first bike URGENT!?

At the age of 16, you can ONLY ride a moped.That is any motorcycle or scooter that was designed and built with an engine of less than 50cc, which is restricted to under 31mph.If you ride anything b... Read More »

Im getting a gaming computer for christmas and need some advice, i have a budget of around £500?