I need an ethernet control driver but my ethernet port is built into the motherboard.?

Answer You will need to download the driver from the ECS website from a working computer. Either burn it to a CD or copy to a flash drive and put into your current PC and installhere is your linkhttp://ww... Read More »

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What does use ethernet port as Wan port mean?

A WAN port is a port that leaves your network to travel to a different network. A LAN port is a port that leaves your router to go to computers on your Local Area Network (LAN). Most personal rou... Read More »

Ethernet port not working?

So Compaq doesn't any drivers for you laptop with Windows 7. However, it seems that they do have the Wireless LAN drivers for Windows Vista.For the Ethernet Adapter, I would advise you to uninstall... Read More »

What Is an Ethernet Port?

A Ethernet port is a jack or socket on a computer that allows the use of an Ethernet connector. These ports are essential in allowing the creation of local area networks (LANs). An Ethernet port is... Read More »

How to Repair an Ethernet Port on a Laptop?

The Ethernet port on your laptop is where the Ethernet networking cable connects in a wired connection. Occasionally, you may encounter issues with your Ethernet port. Note that if the port is brok... Read More »