I need an internet dongle, which one?

Answer 3 comes out tops in every way but i dont think you will get unlimitedbroadband for £15 . the best ive seen is 3 they offer 15gb allowancefor £15 over 24 months its a good speed aswellhope this helps

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Can anyone help, I need a good internet connection, need to know what these USB "Dongle" things are?

A dongle provides mobile internet. It has a SIM card in it and it works on the mobile phone network. So you need to ensure that the coverage in your area is ok, this varies (in the UK at least) bet... Read More »

I need advise on dongle internet for laptops?

These are the Contract ones.…These are the Pay as You Go ones.…Unfortunately if you want broadband you NEED a lan... Read More »

Mobile Internet dongle....?

What is the dongles network ?I use a Three network dongle, when I am in my caravan in West Cornwall and it works very well. But when I first had it, I couldn't connect to anything, despite it sayin... Read More »

Three Internet Dongle?

It should just add it on to whatever credit you have already got.