I need help because of facebook my life is at risk please help i need info?

Answer Report this person; to Facebook, to the Police, and notify your community that it is NOT you who is making these hateful posts and that it is a 'stranger' that is. It might be one of your friends..... Read More »

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A Question for boy racers..Do you feel like a t1t when you risk life and limb to get past a car..AND?

I'm going to answer your question with a question. What relevance does this have, to anything, ever? If people choose to drive erratically, that's their decision. You stick to your own driving with... Read More »

Help downloading Facebook info?

As strange as it may sound, this can be a browser problem.Try to do it in Firefox or Chrome.Best of Luck!!

Fashion Wars on Facebook - info needed!?

well.. you should read "how to play" on it.. 1. Posse : your member, invite your friend to be your 'gank'2. Events : you can get "CASH" if you do, every events need something, that you can buy at S... Read More »

If I delete my facebook account can my info still be accessed by anyone?

No, If you deactivated your account then it will take a while to be but in the mean time no one have to access the account in order to be deleted completly.