I need help upgrading my computer?

Answer And by the time you have done all that, you will have spent enough to have purchased a good quad-processor motherboard. Just as well get a case, while you are at it.In other words, my suggestion i... Read More »

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I need help upgrading my computer please?

Buy a new computer, that is a piece of junk. You can get a good deal from or

Upgrading a computer....?

The A8-5500 will run any game on low-medium settings. If you want to upgrade something, please state your budget. If your budget is around100$, buy a 6670. This can get crossfired with the A8-5500 ... Read More »

Help with upgrading computer RIG?

really dunno why you wanna change out the motherboard seems fairly pointless first question do you own a retail windows 7 or was it preinstalled with oem software if so you will have a hard time p... Read More »

Upgrading my computer?