I need help upgrading my computer?

Answer And by the time you have done all that, you will have spent enough to have purchased a good quad-processor motherboard. Just as well get a case, while you are at it.In other words, my suggestion i... Read More »

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I need help upgrading my computer please?

Buy a new computer, that is a piece of junk. You can get a good deal from or

Upgrading computer- Need help with what to buy.?

The motherboard you chose only supports amd processors. You need to get a intel based motherboard with the socket LGA 1155 if you choose the 3570K. I recommend you chose a motherboard with the chip... Read More »

Computer Upgrading Help!?

you need to provide ALL your current computer Specs.its hard to assist you without that information.

Help upgrading my computer?

generally you shoukd have 4-8gb ram, and as good as possible graphics card an make sure you have space for it and power to power it, make sure you check the specs for games you want to play and get... Read More »