I need help with wireless connection?

Answer *EDITED*Look at the back of the Router.You are looking for the 'Wireless Key'Otherwise it is in the packaging.If both these options fail then phone your ISP. (Internet Service Provider).It is norma... Read More »

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I need help with my wireless connection?

you will need to buy a wireless card for your sky box and a wireless router for your tv....cost about £300 all together...dead easy isn't it.

I need to create a Wireless Connection (hardware help)?

I presume you mean a wireless access point to convert a wired network to wifi. I am not sure I have seen anything the size of a USB pen drive. Any such device is going to need a power supply anyway... Read More »

Need help to receive wireless connection no one seems able to hep even bt?

If BT can't help - you must have a wireless router - modem. It connects wirelessly or through a wire to a lan card that not many pople have. You have to connect to it wirelessly most probably. Look... Read More »

Someone help with my wireless connection?

Call your Internet Provider. The people who put your wireless in. They will give you guidance.People on here don't even know what type of service or modem you have or even what country you are in... Read More »