I need proper definitions for these terms.?

Answer Generally, LAN is implementing in a buildings(limit 25 feets approx.)CAN(Campus Area Network) is implementing in 2 or 3 buildings near by. It is larger than LAN but smaller than MAN.MAN(Metro-polit... Read More »

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you need to ring your insurance to see what they mean by it Not my insurance but EVERYBODY'S :( " these cylinders constitute dangerous pressure receptacles in this context ?"Yes, but exemption... Read More »

Definitions of Homelessness in the UK?

The definition of a homeless person is broader in the UK than in most countries (especially the United States). Most countries only consider rough sleepers to be homeless. "Rough sleepers" is the t... Read More »

Definitions of Electrical Symbols?

Five basic electrical symbols tend to show up in electrical diagrams or schematics. By referring to the included image, you can match these to their definitions.

Camera Parts & Definitions?

The idea of a camera really existed before the technology had evolved sufficiently to create a substance to record the images. The camera obscura basically was a camera before the advent of film. T... Read More »