I need proper definitions for these terms.?

Answer Generally, LAN is implementing in a buildings(limit 25 feets approx.)CAN(Campus Area Network) is implementing in 2 or 3 buildings near by. It is larger than LAN but smaller than MAN.MAN(Metro-polit... Read More »

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What do these pc terms mean?

PCI Express (PCIe) is NOT a "gaming slot"! Computers CAN be used for purposes other than playing games.Read the links below for the correct and accurate description of PCI and PCI Express.You will ... Read More »

What do these financial terms mean?

1. A purchase order is a written sales contract between buyer and seller detailing the exact merchandise or services to be rendered from a single vendor. It will specify payment terms, delivery dat... Read More »

What makes these two categories different...especially in terms of careers?

economics deals with the making of money by the ever chancing markets and customer base and the accounting steps and tracks these monies and insure all accounts are kept pure!!!

What do you need to be a nurse (in terms of qualifications)?

At least five GCSE's at grade C or above, must include maths and english. Many universities are now asking for A levels or equivalent and as many courses have more applicants than places, you'll ne... Read More »