I need some smart&funny sayings i can put in my facebook status...?

Answer debbie is just back from doing dallas

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Cool Facebook status sayings?

Status Shuffle (mentioned) is good, but I would say Status King has better quality statuses. It is also a facebook app:…Both are awesome and I use both. S... Read More »

Does your facebook status...?

No it does,nt,i even deleted my facebook account for several months,but decided to go back on as most of my relatives are on it.I had the bright idea of being lazy and instead of making a new accou... Read More »

What to put on my facebook status the everyone will like?

like this status and i will describe you in two words starting with the first letter of your first name and first letter of your last name eg. Treakle marie - Trustworthy MAgcifiate

Is this a appropriate for a Facebook Status?

No, i know someone of the same age who put that as their status and there is also a group called that, i think it's brilliant