I need to track a stalker?

Answer dont need to , hes already tracking you

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Will He Think I'm a Stalker If....?

Doubt it, if you know him then i'm sure he wouldn't mind friending you? :L

How to Discourage a Stalker?

Stalking is a frightening phenomenon in our society today. Anyone can be stalked, and anyone can be a stalker. Obsessive behaviour can turn nasty, dangerous and illegal. In our free society, it is ... Read More »

What to do of online stalker?

Blocking that user may force them to simply make a new account, phone the police and tell them you are being cyber bullied, peopel are easily tracked down because of IP, but then again if they are ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Stalker Who is Calling?

Most of us have turned off our cell phones or Smartphones just to avoid an unwanted caller -- and then we feel reluctant to check our voicemail messages. But if you often dread your ringing phone b... Read More »

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