I need to transfer my music/photo's onto another harddrive.?

Answer copying is easier, which retains the same file name

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Need to transfer data from one PC to another?

You have few options:1. Use alternative storage system like KEY USB, DVD-R, External HD (Be sure to have more than one copy and test it to be sure if everything is there is OK)2. Use some storage a... Read More »

Need to find out how to transfer downloaded movie onto dvd.?

How do i go onto formating my harddrive?

Well if you would like to start COMPLETELY fresh...follow these steps.Get a copy of Darik's Boot and Nuke. You can get one here: "" Make a boot disk using the software. (*note: i... Read More »

Is it possible to transfer Youtube videos to ones harddrive?

Yeah theres this program you can get called 'YouTube Grabber' (just google it you'll find it) its free and all you have to do is copy the link next to the video and past it into the program and it ... Read More »