I need to watch copied disks on my dvd?

Answer Certain DVD players will only play certain discs, e.g. I have a cheap Bush DVD player that will only play DVD+R discs, and my daughters phillips player will only play DVD-R discs. Check what type o... Read More »

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Why can my computer write to Cd - RW but not to DVD-R disks DVD disks not recognised "insert disk" it says.?

Look on the template of the CD player--look specifically for the DVD symbol. If none can be found then you have a CD player not DVD player.To overwrite CD-RW you have open your CD burning applicati... Read More »

The brakes on my car are squeaking a horrible high pitch noise. do i need to replace brake pads or disks?

You can replace either disks or pads depending on which one you think is the Case but before you decide to replace you have to check the disks are they severely burnt or scorched such that they can... Read More »

What do I need So I can Watch Tv On my Pc Monitor ?

I use a WinTV usb stick to watch and record all terrestrial and freeview channels on my laptop or PC.It comes with all the software needed and costs about £30 from PCWorld.

What do i need to do to watch you tube videos on my phone?

if your phone doesn't support flash then you can't, but you can use your pc to download then convert to phone video format (to be watched on your phone).USe a cable and transfer the converted phone... Read More »