I need to watch copied disks on my dvd?

Answer Certain DVD players will only play certain discs, e.g. I have a cheap Bush DVD player that will only play DVD+R discs, and my daughters phillips player will only play DVD-R discs. Check what type o... Read More »

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Why can my computer write to Cd - RW but not to DVD-R disks DVD disks not recognised "insert disk" it says.?

Look on the template of the CD player--look specifically for the DVD symbol. If none can be found then you have a CD player not DVD player.To overwrite CD-RW you have open your CD burning applicati... Read More »

where can i buy copied ps2 games?

Copied PS2 games can usually be downloaded online. There are also some stores that sell copied PS2 games secretly.

Selling copied dvds?

No you can not do this. This is not legal. It is not legal to do what you have already done. Of course, no one is going to be beating down your door for taking a copied DVD. But selling copies ... Read More »

How to Cite a Copied Questionnaire?

Sometimes while conducting research, you may come upon a piece of research already completed in a different study, but which answers what you want to say in your own writing. Be sure the data sets ... Read More »