I paid for an 8MB connection with BT and am only getting 1MB/Second?

Answer The guy at the call centre was right, bt has the highest uk broadband market share hence the reason why everyone chooses it and hence the reason it may be slow at times. But anyway, First of all, I... Read More »

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Can i get my rent paid on a housing association if im only getting sick pay as my only income?

If you are only getting SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) then yes you can get help with your rent and council tax. You'll need to contact your local jobcentre via the internet or walking in and they'll be ... Read More »

What should I be getting paid ! (Think I'm being under paid) :( HELP PLEASE !?

Contact ACAS (directory enquiries can connect you direct) who can advise re current employee/employer legislation and your employee rights.

Im getting paid cash in hand at a bar, Is it right to be getting taxed?

Cash in hand is normally the agreed amount, but if it was taxed and national insurance taken out then a payslip should be supplied. If a tax code is not supplied then tax is taken at basic rate.Bu... Read More »

My car should be getting 340 miles to a 40 litre tank according to official figures. Im only getting 250.?

Is that 340 miles "their" figure?Manufacturers are prone to exaggerate. Usually, the figures are in "ideal" conditions - no luggage, junk or tools on board, no passengers, tyres all properly infla... Read More »