I permenantly deleted my facebook account and feel great!!?

Answer Trust me, those people with hundreds of friends probably don't even know half of them.I have a couple friends who just add actors and artists. Plus, some employers actually look up potential employ... Read More »

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What happens to your page if your account gets deleted by Facebook?

I'm pretty sure that page is deleted if you are the soul "owner" but if there is serval of you, the page will still " live on "

If I keep my facebook account deactivate, will it be deleted after a year?

If you only selected the deactivate option then you can login at any time after many years you want. But if you select the "delete my account option" it will be deleted after 14 days.

Can i re activate my facebook account if i deleted it about a year ago?

Try logging in with the same credentials. It's not possible to delete everything on facebook. To delete you account, the maximum you can do is remove all friends, likes etc. Change you details to s... Read More »

Does Facebook send email confirmation when an account has been deleted.?

it should be deleted after 24 hours i believe. And just check you email