I put pictures on my FB a while ago and?

Answer That means That Only you Can See them When you Change it to Friends Only it wont Post it to the News Feed Because you Posted it while you had the Picture Set to You Only Thus Blocking it From Posti... Read More »

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How to change the view of My Documents/Pictures/Music and Videos (Pictures included)?

My guess (and that's all it is) is that at some time you have copied the My Docs folder, the heading is showing the copy (rather than the original). Get rid of the copy and go back to one M.D. fold... Read More »

How can i open pictures saved to "my pictures" folder on my PC directly to google chrome?

Right click on the file and select "open with" and choose Google Chrome as default

If you do a system restore on your PC, does it affect the pictures saved in the my pictures folder?

No, it merely resets to the last restore point before you downloaded updates or new software. Files are untouched.

Is it vain to like pictures of yourself and have 503 tagged pictures of you and friends on facebook?

dont feel vain, facebook is to share pictures and a lot of people have that many and more tagged!