I put the wrong billing address on an order online, will it still be sent?

Answer Its best to contact the company ASAP to check and ammend any errors

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On an offline order form, does the customer need to give billing address as well as delivery address?

Although it isn't required I would recommend it so people can buy things for there friends ect

Sent my Provisional to the wrong address, help!?

Go to 255 and knock on the door.Introduce yourself and explain the mistake you've made.Ask the resident if they'd be so kind as to give you a call when your licence arrives (You'll need to give the... Read More »

Online order not been sent who to complain to.?

call the customer care mentioned in the siteHere you go.Be a part of the ROLLER REVOLUTION! Call us today on 0800 285 1289... Good luck

G-Mail Time Wrong Sent 3 Hours Ago When Really Sent A Minute Ago (10 pnts!)?

I'm guessing your in the Eastern time zone, while the default in Google is 3 hours earlier on the West Coast of the USA.Check out the settings, including the labs for a way to fix it.