I quit a government job after just 4 days Am I flagged?

Answer That is absolutely gobbly **** and does not make sense. No idea where you are, what the job was and why you think you are so important to be deleted from what ?Try again with some details.UK

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Quit after training for only 2 days?

Just be honest and tell them that you got a better offer. I know you have only been there for two days, but a little notice will go a long way in not burning any bridges. I'm not necessarily sayi... Read More »

So i just quit my new job (i was only there for two days of orientation) how do i make sure i get paid?

I'm sure you will get paid. Most companies know the legal in's and out's of how to pay people and still be legal. At least now you won't ever have to worry about working for them again after pullin... Read More »

I quit a job after 3 days because I couldn't cope and am now worried about possible consequences.?

my understanding is that your country has infinitely less freedom of speech than ours does. So you're safe.

Flagged: HI peps what does flagged message mean and what happens to a message when flagged?

In Outlook Express help file we read "When you receive a message, you can flag it for later reference."In fact you use the fagging feature very similar to the way you 'bookmark' your favorite web p... Read More »