I really want facebook!?

Answer She could make it in her name and let you use it, so she can keep an eye on what you're doing, it's worth asking.

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I really want to go onto Facebook, but my laptop has family safety!?

try ultrasurf. its a freeware for anonymous browsing. we use it in college to bypass restrictions and its powerful!!

I'm 14 years old, i want to become really really rich. any advice as to how some ideas would be appreciated!?

Talk to everyone, remember peoples names, never be afraid to take risks, be open to suggestions, don't care what people think of you.Hang around successful, positive people.Be nice. It gets you fur... Read More »

I want to become a billionare in future, where to start really really needed only good suggestions!!!!?

Stay focused. Stay healthy. Read biographies of successful entrepreneurs. Read biographies of Robert Maxwell, and Alan Sugar.Stay focused.Dont get political.Remember this, on your climb to riches.... Read More »

I really really want to become a London Underground tube train driver, How can I do this What do I need to do?

Trains and tunnels, eh?Had another of those Freudian dreams about me, haven't you?!Filthy boy.