I recently visited an audio store where I saw electrostatic speakers. These speakers have no moving parts like conventional speakers and are more expensive. How do they produce sound — BC, Ottawa, Canada?

Answer Electrostatic speakers uses the forces between electric charges (so called "electrostatic forces") to move a thin metal diaphragm back and forth rapidly. The motions of this diaphragm compress and ... Read More »

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I want to swap my standard speakers with aftermarket speakers for my car, what speakers would you recommend?

Id go with pioneer speakers as I quite like them for tthe price and arnt power happyThere better than jvc Sony or Kenwood

Can a cheap car head unit sound good if you hav expensive speakers?

Not really. It will certainly sound better than when playing through cheap speakers. The source unit generates the sound and the best speakers in the world will not produce quality music from a po... Read More »

Would a car audio system sound very poor if it had a good bass tube+ amp but standard car front speakers?

It really depends on your car's speakers.If your car has a 'high end' factory stereo set-up, then you'd probably be fineIf your car doesn't, then you probably won't be.Newer cars have better speake... Read More »

I have a Kenwood KDC-W7037 and radio works through all speakers but aux (ipod) doesnt work on front speakers?