I seem to have lost all my photos on pc can i get them back?

Answer You can download or buy programs that can reset your computer to an earlier can go back minutes, days, weeks, even months earlier. We once had GoBack program...I liked it alot, since I'... Read More »

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Have I lost my Photos Forever?

You should take it in and ask someone proffesionally.Sometimes, they can be retrieved. Even though they might be "erased" from your hardrive they are in a way, still there. It takes a while before ... Read More »

Lost my photos when transferring them onto the computor!!?

Recuva Pc inspecter file recoveryBoth are Free

An album in my photos on facebook has some how got lost. please help?

First login in facebook and go your profile. And view all the things what are you share in facebook. Go down and down then you can see your that photo of your mates birh day which is lost lost.

How To Recover Lost Photos In Mini Sd Card?

The lost photos in the mini sd card are not gone forever, it still have scripts or record stored in some part in the sd card. Just the computer can't recognize.You can read this guide to learn more... Read More »