I seem to have lost all my photos on pc can i get them back?

Answer You can download or buy programs that can reset your computer to an earlier can go back minutes, days, weeks, even months earlier. We once had GoBack program...I liked it alot, since I'... Read More »

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I seem to have lost my taskbar at tha bottom of my screen how do i get it back please help?

One of several things might have happened:1) You may have accidentally put an application on the screen into Full Screen mode. Try pressing the F11 key to fix this.2) The Taskbar may be hiding. 1.... Read More »

I have lost all my friends profile pictures on facebook, how do I get them back?

I my self do not have face book but I would speak to my niece's/nephews as the young people are often the ones who know how to do this sort of thing, or perhaps you might have a friend with teenagers?

Lost my photos when transferring them onto the computor!!?

Recuva Pc inspecter file recoveryBoth are Free

Ive lost my GCSE certificates how do i get them back?

Unless you're fairly new to the job scene, they are pretty much irrelevant.You will have to put your results down in any CV or job application, but its is _very rare_ that you will be asked to show... Read More »