I sent a facebook friend request to a friend she accepted but she dosen't appear on my friends list help me?

Answer There are reasons that she doesn't appear on your friend list:-This takes Facebook some time to add her to your list. This is not a glitch.-She rejects your request.-Her account is deleted.Hope th... Read More »

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Did my friend ignore or cancel my friend request on facebook?

if it says friend request pending that means the person has not yet seen or responded to the request. some people don't go on facebook 5 times a day, or even every day for that matter. don't stre... Read More »

How do I stop my friends seeing my friend list on facebook?…go here and where it says "friends" change it to "only friends" and save the changes.

If I delete a Facebook friend, will I still appear in their friends list?

No, if you delete them, you will be removed from their friend list and they will be removed from yours.

Do you think he only accepted my FB friend request so I know that he was in a relationship?

No i Dont Think So I Think There is More To it than Just Accepting Just So you Knew That he Was in a Relationship