I sound horrible on voice chat please help :(?

Answer You are probably just hearing what your voice sounds like to others...It's the same for everybody, when you normally hear yourself speak a lot of the 'sound' is actually direct vibrations through y... Read More »

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Is there any way possible to get rid of the HORRIBLE sound of a 50cc motorcycle engine!!?

If you are riding on the road then the last thing you should be concentrating on is the sound of your bike. If you find it is bothering you then start to concentrate on the important things and dam... Read More »

My computer keeps making this horrible screeching sound and powers off?

first off, you should learn to distinguish between V and the psu sticker again. I bet it says 240V and 520W - isn't it?what's the brand of the psu, what graphics card and how many HDD's and ... Read More »

I have a horrible winding / friction sound when I apply my brakes.?

Yes, the pads should "skim'" the surface of the rotor... this is normal. If the pads were farther away, they would fall out of the caliper and would take too long to react to your braking needs!Ch... Read More »

What Is Voice Chat?

Voice chat is a method of communication that takes place over the Internet. Voice chat makes use of Voice-over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. It allows people to make phone calls to virtually anywhere... Read More »