I spend too much time on facebook, How can I stop being so addictive?

Answer if ur in ur teenage, keep ur comp. in ur parents room.i was a fb addict too, i used 2 spend more than 15hrs online, & coudnt leave it becoz i had 2500+ frndz!better 2 deactivate acc., or keep in ... Read More »

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How do you stop the computer being addictive!!!!?

ok, here solution that might helpa. listen to some musicb. read some book PAPER BOOKS c. walking, joggingd. go out with friendsi do it once in a while when i'm really getting tired of my 3 boxes.

Do you spend more time on Answers or Facebook?

i think answers is much more interestin and entertaining, facebook is boring now, i cant even be bothered with my farm anymore on farmville! its all so monotonous, at least on here theres thousands... Read More »

Do we spend too much time on computers?

How Much Time Should We Spend in the Sun?

There are plenty of skin types so the time required for each skin type can be different but according to the experts the fair complexioned people should not stay in the direct sun for more than 10 ... Read More »