I think I've done something stupid involving Twitter?

Answer It won't be you if u havnt communicated

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I done something really stupid hope some one can help?

1. check his feedback to see if this has happened b4.2. contact ebay.3. contact bloke telling him what you're going to do in steps 3 and 43. contact the police - this may be an offence under the... Read More »

I think iv gone and done something daft?

Sorry to say, but I also think that was a daft thing to do.

Help a think i done something wrong on my puter?

Looks like you have been surfing in places you shouldn't have been. Do an anti virus & spyware scan. The bad news is that such scans, when done in a thorough mode can take quite a while. Also, they... Read More »

How stupid are you What is the most stupid thing you have done?

Although I am considered to be intelligent, I have the capacity to be very stupid indeed.I could not give you the MOST stupid, as there have been so many.The most often repeated, and the one with t... Read More »