I think I've embarrassed myself on Facebook?

Answer Why don't you do the same as I do and don't give a monkey's what other people think?You live your life how you want to live it, not what others expect you to do!With the likes of FB there is too mu... Read More »

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Do you think i should feel embarrassed?

Should I be embarrassed that i don't have many friends on Facebook?

Not at all, it's not a popularity contest. Facebook is something to keep in touch with the people you like and know. I would rather have 10 friends than 500 weirdo's I don't really know nosing at m... Read More »

How do I wean myself off Facebook?

Delete the account, if you don't want to, just try and do sometihng else to keep you busy, like me, I got on to this, and now I'm like never on Facebook and im always on Y!A answering questions.

How do i remove myself from facebook ?

This guide will show you how to delete your account on Facebook:…Good luck!