I think I've embarrassed myself on Facebook?

Answer Why don't you do the same as I do and don't give a monkey's what other people think?You live your life how you want to live it, not what others expect you to do!With the likes of FB there is too mu... Read More »

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Should I be embarrassed that i don't have many friends on Facebook?

Not at all, it's not a popularity contest. Facebook is something to keep in touch with the people you like and know. I would rather have 10 friends than 500 weirdo's I don't really know nosing at m... Read More »

I just got a job but I'm embarrassed of it?

You have a job! What could be embarrassing about that?Embarrassing is to sit at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle and Big Brother pumping out screaming brat after screaming brat and expecting every... Read More »

Should I be embarrassed about my job?

My father always said that we should not be embarrassed by honest work. If you feel comfortable in your job that should be enough.You might make a considerable amount of money but it is not somethi... Read More »

Im embarrassed about my body :(?

The heigh and boobs size doesnt matter. There are a lot of short boyz and no one of them like girl if shes taller than he. I personaly dont like big boobs.Dont be that pesimistic.