I think I've removed something from (I think) my hard drive in an attempt to speed up my laptop...?

Answer You probably uninstalled the sound driver. You will need to go to the laptop's manufacturer's website and find your model. Then see if they offer the drivers for download and install the sound driv... Read More »

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I am trying to move a 4 gb file from my laptop hard drive to an external hard drive, but it keeps telling me..?

coz your partition has either got either FAT or FAT32 filesystem which allow a miximum size of only about 4 GB (maybe it dont allow 4 gb either but only those less then 4GB). partition your drive i... Read More »

Hard drive update. Can I change my laptop hard drive to increase storage?

If the laptop is less 13" and smaller, chances are the laptop online has an enclosure for one drive, if it's bigger than you may have an extra drive slot to plug in a drive. But it really depends a... Read More »

How to Upgrade an ATA Hard Drive to an SATA Hard Drive on a Laptop?

ATA (IDE) hard drives are beginning to become less and less used in laptop and desktop computers. The new standard is SATA, which is a faster and more power-efficient hard drive. The problem is tha... Read More »

Computer is making a clicking sound when switched on, even with hard drive IDE and power lead removed?

If your drives are removed, then the only remaining moving parts are the FANS. Look for loose wires that are hitting the fan blades. See if you can determine which fan is making the noise.