I think i know the best way to fix a computer?

Answer yes tryed that with my old 95 it was so much fun i would say try is if you computer keeps ****ing you off

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I am looking for a new computer what do you all think is the best windows xp or vista?

Ignore everyone saying go for XP.Support for XP will end in June 2009, so that mean no more security updates, no more service packs etc, and if you are looking at a 3 year+ PC then you wan't all th... Read More »

What do you think is the best free computer antil virus etc?

Does anyone know what to do on your computer, if you think someone is using your wireless connection?

Yes - set up a sercured network. It is called the WEP key and your software with the router will have the option to enable it. You set it up using a common phrase (think of it as a password) and an... Read More »

I think we should all start a petrol strike at the same time what do you all think.let me know.?

great idea, but it really doesn't work. Everyone goes to the pump either the day before or the day after.