I think my bandwidth is being hijacked?

Answer since you provided not detail at all i can't really give you an answer. If you have an unsecured wireless connection, put a password on it.I would bet that your bandwidth is not being hijacked and... Read More »

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Do you think that "Now" total wireless Broadband will increase their bandwidth to over 1Mbps?

I think i'm being stalked on the internet?

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Do you think I'm being messed around?

Yes.Don't let yourself be messed around like this, just quit and find another job.Working at a place that treats you badly can really damage you, I ended up with a bout of depression at one job whe... Read More »

I think Im being bullied at work..?

UK reader...From your post I cannot see bullying... if anything at all, they are very distant and parochial, which is quite unprofessional... You need to calculate your annual holidays entitlement ... Read More »