I think my bandwidth is being hijacked?

Answer since you provided not detail at all i can't really give you an answer. If you have an unsecured wireless connection, put a password on it.I would bet that your bandwidth is not being hijacked and... Read More »

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How Many Planes Were Hijacked on 9/11?

There were 4 planes that were hijacked for the 9/11 bombings. Of the 4, only 3 were able to hit their intended targets: the Pentagon in Virginia and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New... Read More »

Help my computers been hijacked?

try installing adaware i use it every day as well as avg daily

How to Tell if Your Webcam Has Been Hijacked?

Getting your webcam hijacked means somebody else is accessing your webcam and turning it on without your knowledge. Aside from becoming a spy camera, your webcam's hjacked operation also results to... Read More »

My MSN email account has been hijacked.?

If you can get into your msn email account, just change your password under settings. Had something similar happen to mine.When i changed my password, had no other problems.