I think someone is using my wireless connection without my permission.......?

Answer The username and password is most likely for the web-based administering interface for your wireless access point. If you didn't change it when you set your router up, look in the manual that came... Read More »

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Does anyone know what to do on your computer, if you think someone is using your wireless connection?

Yes - set up a sercured network. It is called the WEP key and your software with the router will have the option to enable it. You set it up using a common phrase (think of it as a password) and an... Read More »

I think someone accessed my emails without my permission - how can i check this?

Is there any way of finding out if someone is using my wireless connection?

Log in to the wireless router and check the attached devices page (where this is depends on the make/model of the router). As others have said, beef up the wireless security and use MAC filtering t... Read More »

How do you know if someone is using your wireless broadband connection?

The only people who can use your bt homehub are those that know the serial number