I to restore my laptop to when i got it?

Answer your are supposed to tap f11 when you see the "HP" logo when you start your computer. If it came originally with Windows XP then you can hit "f10". That should trigger the HP Recovery wizard that a... Read More »

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My laptop which is just 6month's old used to system restore but the last 3times i have tried it won't restore?

Although we could go back and forth gathering details required to resolve your issue, I noticed one key piece of information...your laptop is ONLY 6 months old.Even if you did not purchase an exten... Read More »

how can i restore my laptop?

Well, theres no problem with Norton just go ahead an reinstall, thats the best thing about Norton if you have the disc, I do it all the time.. Itunes is a bit more problematic, you just need to sit... Read More »

How to restore a laptop?

HP Recovery Manager can be accessd from the Start Menu, or by tapping F11 key as soon as you power on the laptop. Recovery Manager is used to reinstall back to factory specs_also used to make a Rec... Read More »

Factory restore on laptop?

When you buy the computer, just before being shipped, the "factory image" is taken. This is a digital image file of your computer before it is ever turned on. When you restore to this image, it wil... Read More »