I told a girl I like her on facebook?

Answer Try not to try and impress her tooo much, they don't like it heh. and don't over do it with the 'you're so beautiful' thing, this boy used to always say it to me on facebook and it got a bit annoyi... Read More »

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Is it unhealthy for a girl to be constantly told how beautiful she is?

I guess i could be of help, since I have guys telling me how pretty I am 24/7 and I honestly do not know why. If it wasn't for all these guys telling me I am drop dead gorgoues, I wouldn't think I ... Read More »

Someone told lies about me in facebook. what should I do?

You have nothing to do because facebook authority doesn't take the liability of lies said by users. The peson on whose wall it is posted he/she is not liable also. All you can do is:1) Report to fa... Read More »

If you delete someone's comment will they be told by facebook?

No, Facebook does not notify your friends if you delete anything. They may see that you deleted their comment if they revisit your profile, or they may not even remember. =)

Plz help my bf told me he is not on facebook then i find out he is and i cant see his page help meeee!!?

What do you mean by "I can't see his page", because he has not accepted you as a friend or because he is not showing up when you type in his name?