I type 88 words per minute, is that average?

Answer The average person types 50 words per minute, so that's pretty good

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How many words per minute should a secretary be able to type?

It depends on what the employer wants. Usually, you will see a number specified in the job ad. Or, they will say that you have to take a test. I worked as a high level secretary and was not require... Read More »

Is there any good paying jobs that pay for time per minute typing because mine is currently 124 words per min?

Grammar and spelling count as well as speed.

Words that are not easy to spell can you type just one?

What Are Words Per Minute?

Words per minute (WPM) is a term used to describe how quickly an individual can type a complete series of words accurately, with a minimum of errors. In times past when most typing was done using ... Read More »